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BEONx and ThePower Business School team up to take the hospitality industry to the next level

BEONx and ThePower Business School team up to take the hospitality industry to the next level



BEONx, a leading travel technology company committed to revolutionising revenue management strategy and achieving sustainable profitability for hotels, and ThePower Business School, the business school that is revolutionising higher education around the world, have announced the launch of a new formative programme that will revolutionise the industry.

In this way BEONx, in its mission to empower the industry towards sustainable profitability and consider all aspects of the customer experience, has partnered with the business school to train its team and promote change from within the organization.

The programme, which will be co-created by both companies, aims to evolve, digitally transform, innovate, and be socially responsible, thereby transforming BEONx into a market leader.

As expected the training proposal will follow the now-classic educational model of ThePower Business School: learning from real-world references, with 15-minute classes where and when you want and living the true experience of a business school: being part of a community of more than 100K students and participating in hundreds of networking events, both physical and virtual, all over the world.

“We have spent years planning a change in the industry as the one that we are promoting, and for this, it was crucial that we do so in conjunction with a partner like ThePower Business School. It is the perfect alliance to drive changes in the sector and share our message and knowledge about the hospitality sector of the future”, said Rubén Sánchez, CEO and Founder of BEONx.

Rafael Gozalo, Co-CEO and Co-founder of ThePower Business School affirms: “Together, we will not only provide a solution for the hotel industry, but also promote and advocate for genuine change within the organisation. And what better way to accomplish this than through a continuous training programme in which not only our experts and partners, but also our clients, participate? Adopting a digital business mindset in an effort to create a more responsible, sustainable, and people-focused corporate culture is nothing short of the perfect formula for maximising ‘human capital’ In conclusion, an actionable upskilling and reskilling of the workforce that seeks to transform training from a static, one-time process to an ongoing, continuously improving process of key skills and best practises”.


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