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Our Vision: Sustainable Profitability

We are committed to delivering best-in-class hotel technology solutions that drive Sustainable Profitability, streamline data management, improve operational efficiency and deliver the highest quality guest experiences.

Our Mission

We see a future where profitability and sustainability are positively intertwined. We exist to unlock this future by empowering our clients with data transparency to make better decisions.

We believe holistic sustainability is not just a moral responsibility, but a profound opportunity for long-term value creation.

Our tools break down siloes between existing revenue streams and enable radical new ways to measure, predict and optimise profitability across every guest touch point. By making this approach accessible to all, we believe that profitability can be a catalyst for positive change in hospitality and beyond.


Our Story

The BEONx story is one of transformation. When we started out in Salamanca, Spain in 2012, we noticed many hotel revenue managers were stuck using manual processes no longer fit for the digital age.

Our founders, Emilio and Ruben, saw an opportunity to apply their backgrounds in astrophysics and computer engineering to make revenue management simpler, more streamlined and far more powerful. 10 years on, we are now ready to drive a new transformation.

Our goal is simple: we want to unlock the potential of holistic sustainability to drive profitability for our clients. We’re harnessing our AI technology to assess vast, complex data sets that take a holistic view of the guest experience, offering innovative new solutions that integrate revenue streams and form a clear link between ESG principles and value creation.

We call it Sustainable Profitability, and it will empower hotels to unlock totally new perspectives on the way they manage revenue and sustainable profits.

Our Team

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Sustainable Profitability

Sustainable profitability is all about creating a more profitable revenue management strategy that takes all your revenue streams into account, not just occupancy levels and operating costs. Read more in our Total Guide.

Nowadays, the amount of information that a revenue manager must take into account to optimize a hotel’s strategy is enormous. That is why it’s essential to have the support of RM tools that use artificial intelligence algorithms and unify all the hotel’s data to have a complete vision and make the best decisions possible. Read more in our Total Guide.


HQI (Hotel Quality Index) is a unique index created by BEONx that measures the objective quality of services and facilities plus the online reputation of each hotel.

The index has been built taking into account those services that are most important for each customer profile (couples, solo travelers, friends, families and business travelers).

Learn more about HQI here.

To set an optimal strategy, it is crucial to know your market positioning. BEONx is the only RMS that takes this information into account when setting prices for your target segments.

Yes – no one knows your hotel and your competitors better than you do. The HQI’s automatically downloaded information can be manually modified, so you can add more services as well as revise evaluations of competitors.


Both forecast and recommendations can be updated up to 5 times per day. These updates also include PMS performance data, competitor pricing data and HQI.

No. The BEONx platform can provide forecasts and recommendations using your hotel’s data only.


Yes. The BEONx Groups module includes a complete analysis of displacement, price recommendations for each room type, alternative optimal dates and other revenues for each group quotation.

Yes. We understand that the best way to optimize your strategy is to provide price recommendations and restrictions (stop sell and MLOS) by rate code (room type + rate plan) and segment.

HQI (market quality positioning), current competitor prices, historical competitor pricing strategies and destination events. In the near future, we will also consider the destination demand index, competitor benchmarks and hotel demand (regrets and denials).


Yes. BEONx unifies tactical decisions and strategic analysis so you have all your hotel’s data in one system. There are more than 10 reports that analyze your strategy from different angles including distribution costs, corporate strategy analysis, cluster reports, etc. Read more in our Total Guide.


BEONx has a powerful e-learning tool available called BEONx Academy. It provides member-only access to resources to improve knowledge and skills related to several levels of revenue management. Read more in our Total Guide.