Our intuitive, AI-powered platform automates and provides a holistic view with actionable strategies. Digitalisation simplifies the complex, confidently capturing value at every point across the guest journey. Let us help you create a new layer of profitability management that takes everything into account.


Put your guests at the centre of your business, moving from revenue management to total profitability. Our AI-driven platform makes it easy to shift from RevPAR to RevPAG, optimising guest journeys–and your bottom line.


Capture value at every point of the guest journey with our automated, AI-driven platform. Double segmentation flexibly responds to market opportunities, while our HQi gives you instant insight into your progress towards sustainable profitability, every step of the way.


Sustainable profitability is an approach that transforms sustainability from an operating cost into a profit centre for your hotel.

Optimise the use of resources in order to intelligently retain revenue and unlock maximum value for customers.

Leverage sustainability as a profit driver within a holistic, guest-centric approach to profitability.

BEONx empowers hotels to unlock sustainable profitability by integrating, automating and digitising their processes.

From seamless guest messaging and time-saving automations, to intelligent upselling and revenue auditing, our toolkit helps hotels align sustainability and profitability for a lasting impact on guest experience and the bottom line.


BEONx integrates all your data in one place, making it easy to uncover profit potential across revenue streams.

Hotel Quality Index (HQi)
- Our Superpower!

Understand the holistic perception of your hotel from the customer's point of view with our HQi. It's the only index in the hotel market measuring overall hotel quality, to understand competitive positioning and price elasticity.

Revenue Optimisation

AI-powered automated dynamic and personalised revenue optimisation means that your hotel will capture value at every turn.

Double Segmentation

Bring flexibility and agility to your business with automated double segmentation by channel and market, to deploy multiple pricing models simultaneously.

BEONx integrates all your data in one place, making it easy to uncover profit potential across revenue streams.

Demand and Forecasting

Model the effects of different decisions across the entirety of your business, seamlessly taking market forces into account.

Real-Time Data and

Make sense of vast data sets without getting lost in the numbers. Our platform integrates your data to bring you actionable insights focused on impact.

Connecting Silos

Gone are the days of disconnected apps, spreadsheets and departmental blind spots. See everything in one integrated platform.

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