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BEONx and Trivago join forces to Integrate Destination Demand Data into the RMS Algorithm

BEONx and Trivago join forces to Integrate Destination Demand Data into the RMS Algorithm


BEONx, a leading travel technology company dedicated to revolutionizing revenue strategy and achieving sustainable profitability for hotels, has partnered with Trivago, a leading global hotel and accommodation search platform, to integrate destination demand data into its platform. This marks the first time that a Revenue Management System (RMS) will include Trivago’s in its algorithm.


Trivago’s data processes 12M+ daily accommodation searches and provides multi-level searches by city, neighbourhood, and hotel by search date, as well as check-in and check-out dates. Each record corresponds to a Trivago search result, resulting in a large quantity of data that will be available in the BEONx RMS.


The data provides 365 days of information, giving hotels a better understanding of market demand that can be used as an early market signal to identify an increase in demand for specific destinations. One of the key benefits of having demand data in the RMS is that it saves time by having all the data on one platform. This also makes it easier to find correlations, allowing hotels to make better decisions.


“We are thrilled to partner with Trivago to integrate their extensive demand data into our platform. By incorporating this data into our algorithm, our users can now select the demand data that best meets their requirements, based on their product and destination, in order to improve recommendations, forecasts, and strategy optimisation. Therefore, they will have access to a broader range of data to make more informed decisions and enhance their revenue management strategies,” said Rubén Sánchez, CEO and cofounder of BEONx.


With this partnership, BEONx continues to strengthen its market leadership in the RMS industry by providing hotels with innovative solutions to meet their revenue management needs.


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