Vikas Bajaj

If I had one word to describe my experience at BEONx, it would be STRAGILITY – Strategic Agility. Working here has given me the opportunity to think more and more Strategically within an Agile B2B SaaS environment. The opportunity to Learn and Grow not to mention work with a group of really cool and fun people working towards a visionary future – BEONx. The Indian restaurant in Madrid is just an added bonus.

Lola Buendía

BEONx is an ambitious project led by a team that is always up to the biggest challenges.

Neville Isaac

It’s time for Revenue Management to take a leap forwards, taking advantage of technology to have a holistic view of total revenues and profit.

Alex Barros

BEONx is one of the most exciting and ground breaking project have ever been part of. The team is committed to drive change globally and create value to customers and to travellers. It leverages all the experience I have gathered in marketing, sustainability, loyalty, distribution, channel management, big data, customer journey, upselling, guest communications, immersive experiences and metaverse all in one one lens; it will transform the industry and help build a sustainable profitable future. Something I truly believe in. The founders are inspiring with their passion and determination to progress to raise to the top. Our team of beyonders are out of this world! Every day is an an adventure and we aim to reach new heights.

Emilio Galán

Maximizing profitability can only be achieved by connecting and automating the hotel’s techstack through artificial intelligence.

Rubén Sánchez

Driving disruptive technology for the hospitality sector to find its X factor is our mission, delivering total profitability and exponential revenues.