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Leading Hotels of the World selects BEONx as one of their top global preferred RMS vendors

Leading Hotels of the World selects BEONx as one of their top global preferred RMS vendors


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BEONx, one of the most innovative solutions in the international hospitality sector, has been chosen as the preferred vendor for revenue management solutions by The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW).


After an extensive analysis by the Dayblink GPO leadership team of all major RMS vendors worldwide, BEONx was selected as a top preferred vendor given perfect alignment between LHW´s and BEONx commitment to technological innovation and end user experience in order to provide lifetime customer value all the luxury member hotels.


Comprising more than 400 hotels in over 80 countries, LHW is the largest collection of independent luxury hotels in the world. With the aim of offering its hotels the best technology stack and drive their digital transformation, LHW selected Beonprice Revenue Management System as the preferred solution to their members to maximize revenue and increase profitability.


BEONx Revenue Management System enables hoteliers, through its disruptive Hotel Quality Index (HQI™), to improve RevPAR, Total Profit and occupancy rates simultaneously. By working together, BEONx and LHW can help hotels to improve distribution and booking productivity and manage complex rate calculations.


“Our algorithm combines the most accurate data in the market using Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. Thanks to the LHW partnership, we intend to continue driving our international expansion and to deliver our top-tier technology solutions to some of the world’s most incredible luxury properties”, says Rubén Sánchez, co-founder and CEO of BEONx.


“Our team is diligently working to create strategic group purchasing programs that empower hoteliers to stay independent,” said Phil Koserowski, Vice President, Digital Product Development & Marketing, The Leading Hotels of the World. “By harnessing the collective buying power of the LHW network, we can create more value for our hotels. Beonprice revenue management solution will allow our members to improve efficiency and increase market share.”


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