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Juan Ruano joins BEONx as VP of Sustainable Profit Solutions

Juan Ruano joins BEONx as VP of Sustainable Profit Solutions


BEONxone of the world’s leading providers of revenue management for the hotel industry, is proud to announce the appointment of Juan Ruano as Vice President (VP) of Sustainable Profit Solutions.

Juan joins after almost seven years in various roles in Duetto Inc. Previously he worked in revenue consulting for Bamboo Revenue in the UK and in-house at some of the world’s most famous hotel companies, including the Mandarin Oriental, Como Hotels & Resorts,and Fairmont at The London Savoy.

This announcement follows the recent evolution of the company’s mission to become a ‘total profitability’ platformGoing forwards BEONx will focus on new metrics, such as RevPag (revenue per available guest), and on the profitability of the total hotel asset, not just revenue per roomTo reflect this evolution in the company’s mission, the company decided to evolve to become BEONx, a new brand that reflects a transformed vision: that of reaching the next level of digitalisation, data intelligence and automation needed to optimise hotel profitability.

Talking about this appointment, Rubén Sánchez, CEO of BEONx, said: “Juan brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sustainability profitability field and we are confident that he will be a valuable asset to the team. We believe that Juan will play a key role in helping to support us in our new mission to lead the hospitality industry to shift to a ‘total profitability’ metric that explores all revenue streams and a holistic revenue journey to deliver ‘sustainable profitability’ opportunities.”

Juan Ruano, the newly appointed Vice President (VP) of Sustainable Profit Solutions at BEONx added: “Lately I have been thinking a lot about the riddle of how hotels can sustainably guarantee their profitability and resilience in a changing world. So I´m very excited to have found a company that shares the same motivation and has allowed me to take on a role 100% focused on this challenge: inspiring the meaningful and purposeful transformation of the hospitality industry through big data and AI towards sustainable profitability.”


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