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BEONx leads the way in Revenue Management partnering with OTA Insight to incorporate predictive market intelligence

BEONx leads the way in Revenue Management partnering with OTA Insight to incorporate predictive market intelligence


BEONx, the leading provider of revenue management solutions, today announced a partnership with OTA Insight, the global leader in cloud-based hospitality business intelligence. This collaboration will bring predictive market intelligence to BEONx’s Sustainable Profit Platform, marking the first time hoteliers can seamlessly integrate this crucial data from OTA Insight’s products  into their strategic platform.


With the latest integration of OTA Insight data, this will be the first instance of a Revenue Management System (RMS) integrating forward-looking market insights from OTA Insight  into its algorithm, furthering the BEONx position as market leader.


The initial release of the predictive market intelligence project will incorporate data from two of OTA Insight’s products: Market Insight and Rate Insight+. These new data points will be displayed across the BEONx platform offering hoteliers valuable insights into their hotel’s performance, competitive landscape, and destination. Additionally, this data will impact the strategy recommendations generated by BEONx.


By incorporating Market Insight into BEONx platform, users will be able to anticipate future market behaviour based on huge volumes of top of the  funnel traveller search data, predicting demand before it materialises. Real-time market heat maps and segmented data by sub-location, stay pattern, and accommodation type will be available at their fingertips. Market Insight also empowers hotels to monitor their competition effectively with OTA Insight’s Smart compset feature, providing instant alerts for market opportunities and cross-departmental data insights through the market demand outlook.


Meanwhile Rate Insight+ offers hotels total visibility into short-term rental and hotel data to capture their full competitive landscape and maximise revenue opportunities. With this product, hotels can get a holistic overview of the short-term rental market in the geo-location surrounding their property and capture KPIs to better understand scale, occupancy, and rates relative to their hotel. 


Rate Insight+ streamlines decision-making by consolidating all necessary hotel and short-term rental data into one user-friendly tool. This integration allows hotels to identify demand changes before their competitors and take action based on data across their competitive landscape.


“We’re excited to offer our customers the ability to incorporate OTA Insight’s predictive market intelligence into their revenue management strategies. Hotels can now select, based on their product and destination, the demand data that best suits their needs. This will increase the accuracy of recommendations, forecasts, and optimisation strategies’, said Rubén Sánchez, CEO and Cofounder at BEONx. “Our efforts to provide our users with the most comprehensive and actionable insights are just beginning.”


“By integrating our cutting-edge & forward-looking insights from Market Insight and Rate Insight+ with BEONx’s Sustainable Profit Platform, we are changing the way hotels approach revenue management,” said Vivek Bhogaraju, COO at OTA Insight. “Together, we are committed to enhancing forecast accuracy and strategic decision-making capabilities for hoteliers, ensuring they remain competitive and agile in an ever-changing market.”


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