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Boost ADR in Your Revenue Strategy

Boost ADR in Your Revenue Strategy

Boost ADR in Your Revenue Strategy

A potent website adapted to market needs helps improve fundamental hotel metrics like ADR. 

A potent website adapted to market needs helps improve fundamental hotel metrics like ADR. 

A potent website adapted to market needs helps improve fundamental hotel metrics like ADR. 



A potent website adapted to market needs helps improve fundamental hotel metrics like ADR.


A potent website adapted to market needs helps improve fundamental hotel metrics like ADR.

Boost ADR in Your Revenue Strategy

To balance distribution it’s essential to enhance your website and improve your booking system.

Your website is an exceptional way to showcase individuality and put forth the best representation of your hotel online. With simple SEO and positioning tricks you can channel the organic traffic of those users who, in one way or another, are attracted by your hotel’s values.

An increase in visibility is directly related to an increase in hotel room bookings. However, it’s  important to find the right balance between your direct channel and indirect channels. Different factors, such as behavioral and psychological ones, help you understand the user and how they interact with your website. Facilitating these processes to the maximum and building websites that take full advantage of the traffic received, is the challenge of many web designers who, together with the collaboration of hoteliers, are immersed in endless processes of continuous improvement towards the most efficient optimization.

It’s important to understand web design psychology. ssl.com has created an infographic on web design psychology and offers great tips on how to improve user experience. This comes in handy when tweaking your website.

A poor web design, complex browsing and unstructured content/pages guarantees that your hotel will lose bookings.

The best way to improve your hotel’s bottom line is to implement solutions based on real and quantifiable needs. Based on own experience, we’d like to offer a few tips with the hopes that they will improve your business bottomline.To improve metrics like ADR, it’s important to make the necessary improvements to your website such as:

  • Deliver a clear and convincing value proposition (confidence). Your website must be consistent with your brand’s voice. Make consumers feel an emotional attachment to your brand that’s grounded in confidence in your products. Implementing web booking processes as a natural part of distribution is technically possible. Even so, there are booking engines that click off the main website and take consumers to a webpage that is not consistent with your brand. This often generates mistrust in a moment that is most critical to a hotel- the booking process.

  • Make your hotel visible on social media. Statistics reinforce the need to establish a presence on social media. According to Pew Research Center 7 out of 10 Americans are on social media. It’s will help to integrate reviews or third-party content to strengthen booking processes or increase visitors’ average time spent on your website. Companies like SmartFocusthat deliver insight-based brand interactions to boost engagement and lifetime value of your customer.

  • Dare to evoke emotion and human connection with hotel photography. Take a leap from simply photographing spaces to evoking a feeling so powerful that guests puts themselves in that environment. Capture action, integrate people, and put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Get visual and tell your hotel’s story, as this will give you a competitive edge over that can offer standard OTAs or metasearch engines.

  • Decrease page loading time. Your web’s loading time, besides being an SEO factor, is essential for improving the user experience. Work with lightweight websites to minimize loading time, especially on mobile devices. This will help your hotel be more efficient and agile. Improve site performance by avoiding autoplaying video and excessively long texts.

  • Optimize your website’s usability. Optimize website user experience and usability to increase conversions.Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Deliver the right content for the right users- this the mission of your user experience departmen
    t. It’s about taking care of the details, making sure the entire site is functional and creating an intuitive and pleasing environment.

  • Communicate fluidly with travelers. Great communication is one of the most important factors for building trust with consumers.Your hotel can increase conversion rates by humanizing technology. You can also use Whatsapp to manage bookings or incorporate a Live Chat on your website. This will help you break down barriers and help you build a more human relationship with travelers.

  • Personalize offers. There’s software technology that allows hotels to personalize and distribute product packages on their website. Take advantage of this, as it could a great alternative to offering a traditional deals. Lastly, discuss any concerns or doubts you have with your tech provider and ask if you can implement differentiated services within their systems.

“Beonprice has not only helped us in a technological way, but also in a human way. The support and understanding of the people who make up Beonprice, especially during the difficult times we have gone through in recent years, has been exceptional. The team is remarkable.” – 

Pedro Pavón,  Revenue

Management Director at Casual Hoteles.

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