BEONx offers industry-leading indices and other tools to analyze, contextualize and strategize with real-time results. Transform your revenue potential on the road towards total profitability.

Revenue Audit

Our Revenue Audit tool helps hotels evaluate the effectiveness of their revenue management strategies. Identify areas of improvement, optimize pricing strategies, boost revenue generation and discover hidden revenue opportunities with this tool.

Hotel Digitalization Index

Our Hotel Digitalization Index maps your hotel’s tech stack and identifies where introducing basic tools can have a significant impact.

At BEONx, we understand the challenge of keeping up with the latest technology, but also know that the right tools can maximize your revenue and profitability.

Our Hotel Digitalization Index analyzes your current level of digitalization compared to industry standards, identifying areas for improvement. This comprehensive overview allows hotels to see where investments will most enhance guest experience alongside revenue. With this tool, you can ensure that your hotel is leveraging the full potential of technology to find your X.

ROI Calculator

Our ROI Calculator helps hotels measure the potential return on investment of various revenue management strategies. By using this tool, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, pricing strategies and other initiatives. With this information, you can make data-driven decisions that maximize your revenue potential and total profitability.

Total Profitability Index

Our Total Profitability Index helps hotels measure their overall profitability and identify opportunities for growth. Evaluate your revenue generation and cost management strategies, optimizing operations for sustainable profitability. With this holistic view of your business strategies and performance, make more informed decisions to achieve long-term success and tackle each area of opportunity according to your priorities.



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