3 accommodation industry trends that will revolutionise 2023

3 accommodation industry trends that will revolutionise 2023

The hotel industry has lived through a number of accommodation industry trends over the past decade.

The hotel industry has lived through a number of accommodation industry trends over the past decade.


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We’ve seen the growing prevalence of online booking platforms and OTAs, and a boom in global tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve also seen the launch of Airbnb and the huge impact it has had on the hotel distribution model. As a result of all these trends, hotels have had to continuously adjust their revenue management strategies in order to stay relevant in an increasingly overcrowded market.

So, where is the industry headed next?

Let’s take a look at three of the biggest accommodation industry trends that you can expect to see in 2023.

Digitised guest experience

One of the biggest accommodation industry trends we can expect to see over the coming months is an increasing demand for digitised guest experiences.

So, what does this mean, exactly?

A digitised guest experience is all about giving your guests the freedom to interact in the way that they prefer. Many guests will continue to prefer face-to-face interactions. However, many others, especially those from younger generations, now prefer digital methods of communication. The key is identifying the right balance between technology and human interaction for each of your guest segments.

For example, you could offer your guests the choice to check in remotely through an app instead of queuing at your desk when they arrive. You can also email them prior to their arrival to discuss their preferences and help make their stay more enjoyable. 

Another great way to digitise the guest experience is to use a communications app to interact with them digitally throughout their stay. Many in-house communications apps can be easily integrated with popular smartphone apps. For example, many platforms enable you to instantly connect with your guests over WhatsApp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger. That way, you can provide your guests with an engaging contactless experience straight from their smartphones and help them feel welcomed and valued.

Sustainable hotels

Another accommodation industry trend that is predicted to continue gaining traction in 2023 is sustainability in hospitality.

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the risks of climate change and the need to protect the environment. As a result, consumers are now demanding brands that operate with more ethical and sustainable business practices. And the hotel industry is no exception. In order to remain relevant and compete in an increasingly saturated market, you need to show your target market that your hotel cares about the environment in which it operates. And this means implementing green strategies that help you cut down waste and reduce your carbon footprint so that you can build a more sustainable hotel.

Implementing strategies to create a more sustainable hotel can actually be highly profitable for your business. For one thing, a sustainable hotel brand can help you stand out from your competitors and appeal to a larger segment of the market. But sustainability can also help you reduce your operational costs and increase your revenue.

Total revenue management tools

We are already seeing a shift in the hospitality industry to a new type of revenue management model known as total profitability. Total profitability is all about creating a more profitable revenue management strategy that takes into account all your revenue streams, not just your occupancy levels and operating costs. And this accommodation industry trend will continue to pick up speed in 2023.

In order to keep up with this shift, it’s important to use the right total revenue management tools. You also need access to tools to help you manage all your revenue data so that you can better understand your market, anticipate and react to market trends, and make data-driven adjustments to your pricing strategies.

Make sure you pick a revenue management system (RMS) that understands the changing nature of the hospitality industry so that you can adapt to each accommodation industry trend as it happens. For example. BEONx’s Total Profit Platform includes a state-of-the-art revenue management solution for hotels, as well as a selected set of partner applications, allowing you to analyse and optimise beyond a simple revenue per room calculation. That way, you can also take into account additional streams from each and every touchpoint during a guest’s stay, such as parking, lounges, meeting spaces, restaurants and spas. And all this makes it the most valuable form of revenue optimization software on the market.

“Beonprice has not only helped us in a technological way, but also in a human way. The support and understanding of the people who make up Beonprice, especially during the difficult times we have gone through in recent years, has been exceptional. The team is remarkable.” – 

Pedro Pavón,  Revenue

Management Director at Casual Hoteles.

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